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Ghost Island Conference and Exhibition

I would like to hold a conference and exhibition as an extension of Ghost Island’s multidisciplinary artistic/philosophic/community-building project. This will be an opportunity both to share our work and plan our goals for the future of the Ghost Island project.

There will be a series of panels, performances, and presentations relating to the individual scholarly and artistic practices of Ghost Island friends and members, dedicated space for dialogues about Ghost Island and our various projects, and lots of potlucking.

The conference will take place over the span of a weekend (date tba). The evenings will culminate in dance parties.

Please contact me if you are interested in presenting, attending, performing, or helping to organize the event. I hope to hold it in the Sping or early Summer.


A Ghost Island choose your own adventure?

Courtesy of Bright Stupid Confetti (alternately remembered by me as “Big dumb confetti,”) we can look at this amazing link of an archive of choose-your-own-adventure books.

Choose your own adventure map

Choose your own adventure map

My question: is this something we could do? An online choose your own adventure, maybe? Something with music, or films, or what-have-you? What are the defining characteristics of a story like this?

There must be a lot of interesting things that could be done with the form by people such as ourselves. Would it be possible to curate a choose-your-adventure by laying out an absolute minimum plot points and then soliciting for contributions? A zine choose your own adventure, if you will? It could be like a game of exquisite corpse. Coherence not necessarily required.

What can we do with this? It seems like something that would be super fun to play with, and I see a lot of possibility. A ghost island choose your own would be pretty rad.

Ghost Hunter!

Ghost Hunter!


Readings in Other Places

Check out this awesome press we got.


Also, I have a new story up at Why Vandalism?. The story begins as follows. Click it to read the whole thing.

The kissing robot had the biggest lips in the room. They should be thinner and easier to handle. Those enormous lips make a person feel like a tiny child. You can’t lock lips because it just isn’t a good fit. People should know better than to make lips like those.


call me sometime. we have telephones here and beaches. we’ve got so much love and so much sunshine. we’ve got golden bodies that hurt to look at.


Explanation (courtesy of A Traveler’s Guide To Ghost Island)

Ghost Island is almost a magazine. It was formed by the accumulation of hardened lava from the eruptions of an oceanic volcano. It is a place where several contributors will post essays, links, and news updates. There is no definite rule for the kind of content posted, but certain themes will naturally emerge. The flora and fauna on Ghost Island have evolved in almost perfect isolation and so often are unrecognizable. There are too many superstitions to begin to explain it all now, but you should always walk with caution by the northern rim of the Island.

Ghost Island contributors often maintain their own blogs and will often cross-post general interest pieces on both this site and the home blog. The idea of Ghost Island is to create a space to act as a kind of clearinghouse or portal for the writings and thoughts of a small group of loosely connected individuals. Ghost Island was named for the mist that forms in shapes of dead popes, mitre and all.

Ghost Island may become the home of all kinds of ghosts, spectres, monsters, and spirits. It may also publish very strange things that will hide in the various caves and crevasses that abound on this little piece of volcanic rock. There are snakes here and colorful birds. Ghost Island may cross dimensions from the virtual to the physical. Ghost Island may start designing clothes. The point is, this is a wild and heavily forrested place and the weather is hard to predict.

July 2020