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Ghost Island Conference and Exhibition

I would like to hold a conference and exhibition as an extension of Ghost Island’s multidisciplinary artistic/philosophic/community-building project. This will be an opportunity both to share our work and plan our goals for the future of the Ghost Island project.

There will be a series of panels, performances, and presentations relating to the individual scholarly and artistic practices of Ghost Island friends and members, dedicated space for dialogues about Ghost Island and our various projects, and lots of potlucking.

The conference will take place over the span of a weekend (date tba). The evenings will culminate in dance parties.

Please contact me if you are interested in presenting, attending, performing, or helping to organize the event. I hope to hold it in the Sping or early Summer.


Institute for the Future of Bodies.


Here is a link to a totally insane little project Ben and I collaborated on back in third year at Hampshire. It was for a class called “Steeped in Story” in which we put together a collaborative/interactive hypermedia story project and solicited classmates to create internet personalities and join in on the burgeoning drama in an outsider, body-centric “theoretical institute.” Our personalities were the leaders, David Bellstein and Werner von Franz. In a bizarre agreement, David, who believes his consciousness can be downloaded on to a computer, and Werner, who believes he can overcome modern alienation by accruing extra humanity in the act of anthrophagy (cannibalism), decide that as David is downloaded to a computer, Werner will remove and eat his body parts.

The setup is rather primitive, as neither of us were particularly proficient with coding at the time, but the story was off to an interesting and promising start before the class ended and our classmates stopped posting. It’s too bad this didn’t go on further, and probably would have had we something like Ghost Island at that point. But, I thought you might be interested to see it anyhow.


“oranges have been laid to rust”


So, bearing in mind that “the best and most valuable way to read Finnegan’s Wake–perhaps the only way–is in a group, collectively,” I venture to suggest the first Ghost Island reading group.  


On but the first page–reading like a case-study of the persistent link(leak)age of anality and the mouth, or anality and omnipotence, like Judge Schreber impregnated by God’s “arclight”– Joyce waxes lyrically about vaginas, rainbows, anal sex and that stigmata of the modernist hero (Picasso) syphilis, among other luminous and indecipherable nursery rhymes, puns and miscellany.  As “Sir Tristram” “violer d’amores” searches for “Iseut,” re: Iseult, or anagrammatically a slut.  


“Rot a peck of pa’s malt had Jhem or Shen brewed by arclight and rory end to the regginbrow was to be seen ringsome on the aquaface.”   


We could do it on the site, though if commentary becomes voluminous enough, another independent platform could be in order.  


Joyce never lived through the Second World War.  Ezra Pound broke with Joyce over the work.  John Cage wrote his beautiful “Roaratorio” after years of meditation on and with the text.  Hollis Frampton never ceased citing it in the schema for his uncompleted final film “Magellan.” I think there may be interesting discoveries to be made in it about both social and aesthetic promises left unfulfilled–I’ll post more in the future.  Specifically about an incredible meeting between Joyce and Eisenstein, regarding the infinite “image-machine” of film.  


I eagerly await.

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