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Watching, Reading, Voting

Best use of appropriation in popular art:


Also, 5 trope is not dead!. Some background, 5 trope is probably one of my all-time top 5 favorite literary journals and I thought they’d stopped publishing because they had not posted new material in over a year.

It seems they just changed web addresses and did not link the old address to the new. So this means they are probably not super tech-savvy. Thankfully, they are amazingly language savvy. For example, look at the story ‘Small Finger of Potent Magnetism’ by Caren Beilen. Sick. These are texts in the fullest and most laudatory sense of the word. GOGOREAD!


Finally, I want to note that voting is open for the StorySouth Million Writers Award. I would like to encourage you to go and vote for the story ‘Fuckbuddy’ written by Roderic Crooks and published by the always rad Eyeshot. There are other good stories nominated too. One from AGNI is included, and since Sean used to do some editing for them, I have a guess as to who he’s backing.

Anyways, check out the nomineesHERE and then vote.


YouTube is Radio, etc.

I put together a concert for Ghost Island! Actually, no I went on YouTube and picked videos with singing girls. I like singing girls a lot, so I made this.

Other Islanders should also maybe make radio-ly things. If they want.

Enjoy, maybe:

(If the embedded playlist isn’t working properly, click HERE to watch/listen at the source.)


Also, a little bragtime. No not Scott Joplin on his high horse, but me bragging:

I have a new story up at Eyeshot called ‘The Pork Shunter’s Fingers’. You can read it here.

Eyeshot is rad and Zadie Smith wrote this for them some years ago: American Writers and Their Hair

Then, later last night, I learned that the story collection of which PSF is a part was accepted for publication as a chapbook by Publishing Genius Press. The collection is called Science Fiction Pornography.

Publishing Genius is super and I am very very excited about this, although it will probably lead to my being blacklisted from teaching children.

Here are some other things PGP has done that I am really proud to be in the same company as:

Light Boxes (Shane Jones)

Pocket Finger (Ryan Call and Christy Call)

There are other things too, many of them. Start here, go forward. Take over the internet. Listen to girls

May 2020