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Exquisite corpse

Upon perusal of some of the more technical aspects of the Ghost Island I came to discover that the list of signed up contributors is far greater than the one displayed to the right of the text you are reading right now. So, in some sort of attempt at improved collectivism here on the Island, I am proposing a story composed of exquisite corpse style postings from as many of the inhabitants as we can possibly drum up. I will start:

Rodger went to the store on Wednesday, which was strange for him, as he was a regular Thursday shopper. He had decided upon coming early in the week because a failed attempt at making a cake for his Grandmother’s 82nd birthday had left him without some basic essentials. It had cost him 7 eggs, 18 cups of flour, 3 tablespoons of maple syrup, 9 cups of brown sugar, an hour and a half, and one gallon of spilled milk that was knocked over by his cat Walter the 2nd.


A Ghost Island choose your own adventure?

Courtesy of Bright Stupid Confetti (alternately remembered by me as “Big dumb confetti,”) we can look at this amazing link of an archive of choose-your-own-adventure books.

Choose your own adventure map

Choose your own adventure map

My question: is this something we could do? An online choose your own adventure, maybe? Something with music, or films, or what-have-you? What are the defining characteristics of a story like this?

There must be a lot of interesting things that could be done with the form by people such as ourselves. Would it be possible to curate a choose-your-adventure by laying out an absolute minimum plot points and then soliciting for contributions? A zine choose your own adventure, if you will? It could be like a game of exquisite corpse. Coherence not necessarily required.

What can we do with this? It seems like something that would be super fun to play with, and I see a lot of possibility. A ghost island choose your own would be pretty rad.

Ghost Hunter!

Ghost Hunter!

July 2020