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Seriously though. Y’all gotta step up. Me too. But you too, too.

1) CHUGHEROHN!– That needs doing.

2) Our friends and comrades from Deep Leap/co-collaborators here on GI are curating a really exciting show in July. It’s actual Laser Cave curating the show, which is a kind of DL parent group, and thus another half step removed…Anyways, it’s good. We should send them things. I am doing something with text and glow in the dark paint. The show is at Department of Safety in Anacortes, WA and will be part of the really awesome What the Heck Fest. It’s called ‘In the Light Cone’. From the description: “The concept for this exhibition draws from the basic pairs and associations of light/dark, day/night, laser/cave, source/shadow. The foundations of visual phenomena and visual culture resultingly are based upon the existence of light; its presence and absence dictate circadian rhythms and our innate notions of temporality; light is food, we love the sun. It is impossible to overstate light’s import. We hope to give the light/dark//laser/cave idea revitalized potency by showing artists who understand that this isn’t merely a dichotomy: it is an experiment in the movements of the sun and the shade of the trees as well as the human abilities of fire, flashlight, lcd, and laser.

The novelty and heat of the show is not so much in curating a host of objects created with light as their genesis, rather it is in our choice to allow two views of the show: one, during the day, in which natural and artificial light will commingle to create an atmosphere comfortable to the casual gallery-goer and the other at night, once those lights have been replaced by a natural darkness and a more focused, specific and piece-generated lighting scheme. Accordingly, art works should function one way during the day (light) and another at night (dark). We encourage, for example, sculptures that become tactile obstacles in darkness, ghosts that lurk in the shadows of paintings, light-art whose presence awakens and increases in the gloaming, and more and better ideas.”

Send proposals to before June 8.

3) I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO ADD TO THE BLOGROLL!! I AM USING CAPS BECAUSE OF ALCOHOL!!!! — it’s fucking pathetic that instead of sleeping with people i’ll regret, booze makes me type IN ALL CAPS. But yeah, somebody tell me how to add to the blogroll. please.



Choose Your Own Pt.1

Chapter 1

That ship, over there, broken apart and resting now in the sand, it’s your ship. You were sailing on it with a lover who is now nowhere to be found.

You sit up and look around at this island and at the tooth-marks indented on your arm. You think about how apt the verb ‘indent’ is for describing that kind of a bite, as it summons the latinate origin ‘denta’ for tooth and evokes such appropriate terms as ‘indite’ and ‘clandestine’. Well, there is maybe some hope that such sweet rituals in such thick darkness have the power to mark you still.

An avid reader of adventure stories, you naturally know what to do next. You need to survey your surroundings and make a plan. You rise and TURN TO PAGE 11

Ok, somebody take it from here. I am using the map that Sean posted a few days ago. I am hoping someone will use that map as an outline over which to draw a schematic of Ghost Island that will be printed on the inside cover of the book.

johuat’s note: Here is the map of the adventure, with written pages marked by red boxes.



A Ghost Island choose your own adventure?

Courtesy of Bright Stupid Confetti (alternately remembered by me as “Big dumb confetti,”) we can look at this amazing link of an archive of choose-your-own-adventure books.

Choose your own adventure map

Choose your own adventure map

My question: is this something we could do? An online choose your own adventure, maybe? Something with music, or films, or what-have-you? What are the defining characteristics of a story like this?

There must be a lot of interesting things that could be done with the form by people such as ourselves. Would it be possible to curate a choose-your-adventure by laying out an absolute minimum plot points and then soliciting for contributions? A zine choose your own adventure, if you will? It could be like a game of exquisite corpse. Coherence not necessarily required.

What can we do with this? It seems like something that would be super fun to play with, and I see a lot of possibility. A ghost island choose your own would be pretty rad.

Ghost Hunter!

Ghost Hunter!

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