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GRIM, ARROGANT OBFUSCATIONS (See yourself in here?)

Inspired (and suggested) by Erinrose and this magical word-confusion machine she found floating around on the internets.

Glib, Means Jeans.

The Annoying Gnash.

Menageries or Snore.

Joint in Mask.

Safest Dollar.

I’m Brutal Bender.

Fly Jeers Flaw.

Resonant Shed.

Jet Concocts Spankers.

Deem Less Jam.

Ha Ha! New Rants.

So Jam on Hand.

Raze Fang, NT.

Sizing Rebel.




do with a guitar and a magnet

Using a guitar and a number of things to modify its sound (a tiny amp, an equalizer my father pulled off the curb in Ocean City, a netbook with a design flaw that delays the mic feed-through, and some magnets,) a few tries yielded this


Weekend Notes

Some Notes:

(1) I made a website to list my publications. It has links and things. I also made a section on the sidebar of this page for contributor sites, so I encourage all of you who have personal projects you want to promote to list them there. Anyways, mine is

(2) I purchased Sam Lipsyte’s ‘Venus Drive’ a few months ago, read the first story, and put the book away because I was too overwhelmed with thesis-work for pleasure reading. Now I am being irresponsible and decided to do some pleasure reading in spite of the increased urgency regarding completion of my actual academic reading. Anyways, I am really psyched on it.

Lipsyte, more than many members of the Gordon Lish constellation, writes gritty, believable narratives. However, his stories rise above the genre of ‘masculine fuck-up tales’ because of the startling way that Lipsyte uses language. This collection is one of the first narrative-realist-literary books I’ve read in a very long time that doesn’t feel stale or conventional, that seems to take seriously the material possibilities of language as more than ornamentation but instead as a central element of the constitution of experience.

‘Venus Drive’ was released by Open City, a press perhaps best known for releasing David Berman’s ‘Actual Air’. Open City’s page for the book is HERE and contains a description, reviews, ordering information, and a sample story.

(3) Saw ‘Up’ in 3-d. I love 3-d. During the movie I teared up several times because it is the kind of emotionally hyper-manipulative film I love to see. I know it is not really related at all, but I imagined the old man in the movie to be Jacques Roubaud and the trip with the house to be his writing the books ‘Great Fire of London’ and ‘Some Thing Black’. Obviously they are two totally different things.


A Ghost Island choose your own adventure?

Courtesy of Bright Stupid Confetti (alternately remembered by me as “Big dumb confetti,”) we can look at this amazing link of an archive of choose-your-own-adventure books.

Choose your own adventure map

Choose your own adventure map

My question: is this something we could do? An online choose your own adventure, maybe? Something with music, or films, or what-have-you? What are the defining characteristics of a story like this?

There must be a lot of interesting things that could be done with the form by people such as ourselves. Would it be possible to curate a choose-your-adventure by laying out an absolute minimum plot points and then soliciting for contributions? A zine choose your own adventure, if you will? It could be like a game of exquisite corpse. Coherence not necessarily required.

What can we do with this? It seems like something that would be super fun to play with, and I see a lot of possibility. A ghost island choose your own would be pretty rad.

Ghost Hunter!

Ghost Hunter!


1001 Hits–Ghost Island needs a flag!

Is someone artsy enough to make us a flag? I think we should put one at the top of the page. We’re a site that pulls in high amounts of traffic now: we’ve become adept at tricking people into reading our posts about pork stomachs, sharks, physics, and ethics. We’ve proven our staying power. We need a flag!

Also, we should start compiling a blog roll. Would anybody be terribly upset if I tried to jazz up the format a bit? I want to keep it simple, but I think that it should be a a little bit more distinctive than the default template. And hey, start tagging those posts better, dudes. It will make the site a cooler archive, I promise.

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