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Visual Images without the Visuals – 1a – Summer Camp, maybe 10 years ago

For the longest time it was the only place in the world where I always knew the exact location of the Big Dipper. As an awkward pre-teen, and teen, I spent at least one Saturday night there a summer. The incline of the hill just the perfect angle for stargazing. As I got older I could still spot it, to the bottom left, just above the ‘Boys’ bathroom, standing now instead of laying down. Generally speaking, they were always the same thing. The same ironic nostalgia, nothing current, that wasn’t the point. Eventually the clothes grew as ridiculous and gaudy as the music. Dressing up as a competition. Who can wear more differing prints? More neon? More costume jewelry? More sunglasses at night? More androgyny?

A dark and muggy night like so many others. The colored ropes and Christmas lights blazing. Tiki torches. Not taking requests. Before the switch to Ipods. For the life of me I can’t remember the song that came on before it. Of the cordoned off and encircled space, the least available could be found directly in front of the DJ Booth. A volleyball court, a full size basketball court, the perfectly slanted hill in between, and 3 by 12 feet of dried out and browning grass on the other side of both. The first electronic notes hit and there is no mass convergence inspired by something so out of character. This isn’t Bon Jovi or the Spice Girls. The crowd slowly gets its bearings, as certain people start to recognize what’s happening. It’s the kind of music that makes you lose your job as DJ. Radiohead. The early 2000s uniter, to some. The jam kids and the trustafarians, the punks, the hip-hop kids, the suburban and oblivious, they all collectively seem to have no problem with the band still. Perhaps because they were mislabeled for years as the next Pink Floyd. It’s starting to get really dark now. The crowd descends into the 3 by 12 space of former grass, slowly but en mass, and they don’t dance. They don’t stand still. They don’t mosh or pogo. There is no skanking or lip synching or air-synth jamming. The gathering crowd simply ceases to be single entities. Moving as a whole, up and down, to the constant electronic drum beat. ‘WHO’S IN BUNKER, WHO’S IN BUNKER.” The outfits, the rest of the nights music, including the perpetual last dance ‘American Pie,’ where your friends are, where your girl went, it doesn’t matter. No one lacking control of their facilities, most underage. A strange song for some standards. And yet, it inspires a reaction on a level never seen since. 5 minutes in the woods. Hours until the nearest city. Dial-up only internet. Piles of CDs in binders supplying the music, a stereo borrowed from a low wattage radio station.


The Other Side of the Mirror – 1963,64,65


Commute 01-30-11


Saturday Finds

Since I received a  this tie bar for my birthday, I have become really into wearing ties again. Everday, Monday through Friday, I wear a tie.

Last Saturday, while waiting for a spot at the local Salon, Ms. L and I ended up in what would be descirbed in the States as a ‘Junk Shop,’ or perhaps on a good day an ‘antiques store.’ Buried deep down in a pile of other unfortunately loud ties I found these three gems:

Photo 104

To the left we have Maroon with yellow shields of some sort, in the middle a classic 50s stragight across the bottom stunner. Which as a student told me last week while wearing another tie of similar cut, is a ‘cravata without a punta.’ Hopefully Ms. L can fix my non point nice an straightly un-frayed.  Finally to the right we have the real jewel of the haul, the classic Navy/Bright Yellow/Hunter/Canary Red repp tie. Upon turning it over I noticed this (excuse the mirror image text, and generally bad photography from my built in camera):

Photo 105

The showing part of the white tag here reads ‘Canton School.’ Turn the tag over and follow the text around, the whole thing reads ‘Canton High School B.’ As in, if you go to Canton High School, which coincidentally was the name of the High School I attended, you have two options to wear with your school uniform, tie option A, and tie option B. Amazing. And only five Euro each.


Faunæ of Ghost Island, + Style Icons



Environment: the sandy beaches of Ghost Island’s western shore

Diet: Strongly Coupled Massive Particles, Strangelets

Intelligence: 128 bit quantum computer

Attack: Antiparticle stream breath

Mass: ~4*10^8 Kgs

The Dark Matter Dracoliches of Ghost Island are isolated travellers from the second era of interstellar space exploration. Formerly human, they gained total control over the mass of their physical form and decided to take on the appearance silvery dragons, badassly journeying through the far reaches of the known universe. Upon discovering time travel, they were among the first to experience its inevitable side effect – the conversion of one’s normal (baryonic) matter into weakly interacting and ethereal dark matter. They still retain their incredible capabilities for calculation, but have lost their presence in the material realm.  Finding Ghost Island a suitable place for spectres such as themselves, they haunt the beaches and are primarily felt through their gravitational contribution.



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