this system works GREAT

I guess I would like to think that the fourth largest corporation in the world would rely on a “deep sea oil recovery chamber” that looks a little bit less like a rusty shed braced by 2 x 4s than this.  And I guess I’d also like to assume that the emergency shut-off valves that are supposed to cap off oil flow in the case of a rapid drop in pressure caused by an explosion or rupture would actually work rather than just instantly failing, allowing 1,100,000 galloons of crude oil to be pumped into the Gulf of Mexico each day.  It might also be nice if BP had the decency to admit that the 11 workers that are missing and presumed dead, which is how they are still phrasing it to the media, were killed, possibly by a negligent cementing of the well by a Halliburton crew that allowed too much pressure to build up without the workers being aware of it.  Or if they didn’t hold survivors offshore, forbidding them to speak to their families, for 29 hours after the blast.  It would even be great to think that this ridiculously hazardous method of resource extraction was being phased out, rather than vastly expanded, or that oil companies couldn’t convince the US to decide against requiring more advanced cut off valves, required by Brazil and Norway, that would’ve at least limited this spill.  Or that BP’s plan to use remotely operated vehicles to fix the valve in case of malfunction would actually work, rather than failing six successive times requiring them to seek out alternatives that could take weeks.  Or that this was an isolated incident, and that there weren’t allegations that another rig owned by BP, the Atlantis was operating without final engineer approval of over 85% of its’ piping and instrument schematics and should “immediately be shut down” (in 2009).  Maybe it would even be cool if we didn’t live in a world where 6 of the top 7 largest corporations are oil companies, and are directly involved, sometimes with their own armies, in some of the most vulnerable crisis zones in the world, operating extrajudicially.  But unfortunately that is wishful thinking.


1 Response to “this system works GREAT”

  1. 1 johuat
    May 4, 2010 at 6:40 pm

    I’m still optimistic that some sort of organism will evolve that can break down oil/plastics, likely in areas of oil spill or in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. But maybe rather than wait for “evolution” to kick in, we should involve Monsanto?

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