Reminder, etc.

Reminder: Tomorrow is a Ghost Island Soccer Farm work day. We are going to be cleaning up the lot, grilling, and hopefully also even playing some soccer. We’ll have to see about the soccer…

We are meeting at the abandoned lot at 7th and Dudley at 2pm and will be working for a few hours. Come, bring friends, bring ideas, bring tools and gloves if you have them.


Also, totally unrelated, but I’ve found myself in a bit of an internet fight over at Erinrose’s ‘Edibles and Ineffables’ blog. Her original post led to my writing a taxonomy of books that are embarrassing to read in public. I thought this was kind of funny. Apparently I’m an asshole. Anyone else care to weigh in? Are there books you only read in private? How does the concept of embarrassment figure into the interstices of aesthetic judgment of the literary text and fashion as public self-representation? Is a good book with a terrible cover like a very comfortable and well made shirt that looks terrible? What is the literary equivalent of pajamas?


Also, I’ve been thinking about parentheses. I love them. They are like secret storerooms in the middle of sentences and they tuck in on the sides to form cozy little capsules. Also of course there’s that Blow song…


1 Response to “Reminder, etc.”

  1. 1 Luckycloud
    April 14, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    I love parentheses, too.

    There are no books I would only read in private, but it’s a delicate game for certain. For instance, I would genuinely like to read a Deleuze book in public, since it’s what I want to read in private, but I don’t want to seem like one of those dudes that reads Deleuze in public to impress people.

    Furthermore, wow often would you actually wants to talk to these people who strike up a conversation based on the book you’re reading? It’s possible that it could lead to a love connection (maybe this is the hope) but more likely you’re going to have that book in common and little to nothing else. Or they’re just as likely to compliment your shoes, or your backpack, or your… or just notice you and never talk to you at all. Most of our feelings about these things are a projected social dialogue anyway, and unlikely to have any real repercussions beyond our own self evaluation.

    So in that case, I say just read what you want, but don’t make a point of making sure everyone sees it, because that is the part that makes you look like an asshole, not the book you’re reading.

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