From Mallorca to the Dog Star Man

Creeley + Still from Brakhage's "A Child's Garden and the Serious Sea"

THE BIRDS  by Robert Creeley

for Jane and Stan Brakhage

I’ll miss the small birds that come

for the sugar you put out

and the bread crumbs.  They’ve

made the edge of the sea domestic

and, as I am, I welcome that.

Nights my head seemed twisted

with dreams and the sea wash,

I let it all come quiet, waking,

counting familiar thoughts and objects.

Here to rest, like they say, I best

liked walking along the beach

past the town till one reached

the other one, around the corner

of rock and small trees.  It was

clear, and often empty, and

peaceful.  Those lovely ungainly

pelicans fished there, dropping

like rocks, with grace, from the air,

headfirst, then sat on the water,

letting the pouch of their beaks

grow thin again, then swallowing

whatever they’d caught.  The birds,

no matter they’re not of our kind,

seem most like us here.  I want

to go where they go, in a way, if

a small and common one.  I want

to ride that air which makes the sea

seem down there, not the element

in which one thrashes to come up.

I love water, I love water —

but I also love air, and fire.


3 Responses to “From Mallorca to the Dog Star Man”

  1. 1 butttub
    February 20, 2010 at 12:27 am

    That still is really beautiful.

  2. 2 devavivarma
    February 20, 2010 at 12:52 am

    it’s a really gorgeous montage, two different images of the sea coming together. It must be great to see projected, it would be a really radically different vision of the sea, all the while the eye would still be perceiving it as the “same sea” only transformed, maybe at night.

    Almost like music. Brakhage was big on the cosmic sweep of things.

  3. 3 devavivarma
    February 20, 2010 at 12:54 am

    I also really like how you have a very concrete color, that of the sea, used like paint. Two different hues abutting one another. Variations within a single mood or mode.

    Brakhage was a great student of Gertrude Stein, too.

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