PAGE 108

After we take that Deep Leep, let’s all take a Deep Breath and finish this shit . . . 


PAGE 108

And the cool evening flowed into the autumn rivers, and the somber tides became the sigh of birdsongs.

You: How can I escape this never ending maze?

Hollis Frampton: Whatever labrynths it involves itself in . . . it will eventually resolve itself in favor of the protagonist and that the protagonist is the spectator of the work. There’s going to be no momemnt when an identifiable person appears . . . [rather] it offers to the spectator the possibility of a posture that’s so active in relation to the work that it orders on the utopian or is utopian.

You: This is heaven? Where’s Sylvia? How can I get out?

Douglas Messerli impersonating F.T. Marinetti: The mysterious rulers of this desert island are the Paper People, cone-shaped beings “surmounted by circumflex book-hats,” who hiss their instructions into the ears of the Negro guards. In short, not only is this world ruled by people of the written word—not unlike bureaucratic paper pushers—but is metaphorically ruled by the author and readers—the ultimate Paper People who push and bully their raw entrapped characters into a bizarre series of events.

You: Do they know where She is?

HF: Now we are not perfectly free to make of language an agonist in the theater of desire which is itself defined by the limits of language. Every artistic dialogue that concluded in a decision to ostracize the word is disingenuous to the degree that it succeeds in concealing from itself its fear of the word . . . and the source of that fear: that language, in every culture, and before it may become an arena of discourse, is, above all, an expanding arena of power, claiming for itself and for its wielders, all that it can seize, and relinquishing nothing.

You: I? I must do what?

U as GI Joe: The Power lies within I?

DM as FTM: And indeed it does! Form . . . a coalition with a few revolutionary Paper People, the Negro guards and the Untameables, led by Mirmofim, lead the River People into rebellion, determining to attack and smash open the Cardboard Dam—metaphorically, the pent-up creativity of the working class.

Whether you want to or not, that Master Signifier is shaking in its boot heels. Get that Girl! and don’t get shark bit, turn to PAGE 102

3 Responses to “PAGE 108”

  1. 1 Luckycloud
    June 27, 2009 at 11:46 am

    I am afraid to follow this one up.

  2. June 27, 2009 at 3:30 pm

    don’t worry, I didn’t actually write most of it, they are all quotes from Hollis Frampton and Marinetti that I worked into the text

  3. June 27, 2009 at 9:11 pm

    SHit! I messed up the page link at the end, I will amend it this evening, andale andale

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