hello fellow residents, I have washed ashore

So…this is my first post, and I think I’m going to take the easy way out by posting links to stuff. in keeping with the youtube radio precedent, we have these:

I couldn’t tell at first if this was like a homemade one set to the music or an actual one but it appears to be an actual one.

More in the same vein there although it isn’t a music video.

So, I guess with the sheer amount of music blogs mentioning them all the time (Wavves doesn’t sound like the Clean or the Wipers by the way, and anyone who says they do is lying), the Clean and the whole kiwi-pop thing in general is sort of blown out right now. This leads me to wonder though, is there really enough stuff out there, in the history of music, to keep our voracious generation happy? I mean, music bloggers (and musicians, of course) stormed into the last twenty years of New Zealand’s musical history like a bunch of vikings and, once every various recombinant Flying Nun band has found the light of day and has been name dropped, or once every defunct studio has had it’s entire collection of rotting acetates pieced together and packaged for easy consumption, what will be left? Is there a sub-sub layer? Or is it all just superficial enough that all that music will still be there and everyone who pretends to be over it after listening to it a few times will have sailed on (but to where?). Either way, it’s pretty fun to be a part of, even if it’s ultimately short sighted. And even sometimes I wonder about it, I’m pretty sure this is such a depth and breadth of music out there that we’ll all be happily stumbling through new stuff all the time. I guess what worries me is more just this instant summarization, free of context, of what these bands were about.


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