YouTube is Radio, etc.

I put together a concert for Ghost Island! Actually, no I went on YouTube and picked videos with singing girls. I like singing girls a lot, so I made this.

Other Islanders should also maybe make radio-ly things. If they want.

Enjoy, maybe:

(If the embedded playlist isn’t working properly, click HERE to watch/listen at the source.)


Also, a little bragtime. No not Scott Joplin on his high horse, but me bragging:

I have a new story up at Eyeshot called ‘The Pork Shunter’s Fingers’. You can read it here.

Eyeshot is rad and Zadie Smith wrote this for them some years ago: American Writers and Their Hair

Then, later last night, I learned that the story collection of which PSF is a part was accepted for publication as a chapbook by Publishing Genius Press. The collection is called Science Fiction Pornography.

Publishing Genius is super and I am very very excited about this, although it will probably lead to my being blacklisted from teaching children.

Here are some other things PGP has done that I am really proud to be in the same company as:

Light Boxes (Shane Jones)

Pocket Finger (Ryan Call and Christy Call)

There are other things too, many of them. Start here, go forward. Take over the internet. Listen to girls


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