Capitalism in Excel

As an exhibition through the oversimplification of Capitalism as a Lotka-Volterra style graph, I present the following pictures of graphs:


These graphs are the result of the multiplication of two functions; a binary function representing a text that is 1 if the space contributes toward a 3d plotting of it looking like a particular letter or 0 if it doesn’t, and a Lotka-Volterra style discrete step differential function that has been used as a mathematical model for “Predator-Prey” type simulations.

Text is entered in a specific cell which is treated as a variable in determining the values of a further array of cells, so if I type a different letter in that first cell, the graph will change to display something that looks like the new letter entered.

The Lotka-Volterra functions were represented by a dx=x*(α-βy), dy=-y*(γ-δx) type relation, where α β γ and δ are constants you tweak to get the graph to do things like look periodic or collapse dramatically. The x presumabely represents the number in a “prey” population while the y represents the “predator.” If a particular cell represents the unraised “0” part of a character, that cell was mapped as an inversion of the Lota-Volterra “prey” component y. If a cell was a raised part of the character array, it was multiplied by the “predator” component and scaled up to be more noticeable (as the prey population is usually many times the predator population.)

I think this is a fairly simple example of combining the medium of excel, as a way to abstract and then graphically represent the phenomenon of the real world, with a meaningful subject matter.


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