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We Want Hits

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So, which one did you search???

Also this pan-swinging grandma:panma

We need 45 hits in the next day to break 1000 for the month.

Do it. Tell your friends/enemies/lovers. Post comments. Make us feel better about ourselves and a little less alone in the world….



Anyone read this book? Have you also read Slaughterhouse Five? Did you see a reference to the latter in the former?



Jenny says her stomach always looked that way, that we shouldn’t worry about it really. So we don’t. We step inside through her open door.

Jeremy smiles. He seems almost lovely, trustful, warm. Then we stop walking and I retch. Stomach walls drip wet steaming insides. Through her, odors develop.

Just stop heaving. She actually likes this walking, these wandering steps. We are inside, roving, searching. We descend without sight into this heart, over, down.

Jenny still has some acid left that washes, that weakens. Soon we are immanently rectal. Smooth walls, diarrhea, wet sloshing inundates. This heat overwhelms, destroys.

Jeremy stops helping suddenly and leaves. That wimp! That weakling! Still we are in, reaching, studying. We dream wet, sperm inside towards her ovarian depths.

Jenny senses herself sowing a life that will thrive. We see we actually inseminated. Rightly surprised, we decide we should immediately touch her- our daughter.

Pork Stomach Soup

(Pork Stomach Soup)


On the topics of gay marriage, civil rights, bigotry, and religion: A Ghost Island blog-argument.

Earlier this week I found a blog post at a blog called “Apologia- Standing in Defense of the Christian Worldview” (incidentally the blog seems to be named for Socrate’s defense at the trial that would result in his execution). The post is mostly about Sean Penn’s speech at the Oscars, but in the comments it quickly develops into a discussion of the ban on gay marriages in the state of CA, and by proxy civil rights and religion. And so we have begun to engage with it.

Perhaps it is best to let the arguments speak for themselves from this point on:
Here’s the post. Look for butttubb and luckycloud in the comments at the bottom.


We’re Going on Vacation

Yul Brenner on Vacation:


Ghost Island Cruise- 2009

Sign up today for your cabin.

Free Buffet/Hot Tubs

Optional Scuba Diving

Open Bar and Dance Club 10-12 Every Night!!!

Live Entertainment from Elvis Presley’s dead body, exhumed, shocked via electrical wires into flopping around on stage during Karaoke renditions of all his greatest hits.


Many God Particles

Forces2 GIF

At some point in the next few years enough experimentation will have been done to refine a few more of the configuring constants of Modern Physics, in particular those of the Standard Model. There are a limited number of fundamental qualities in nature, like electric/magnetic charge, angular momentum (spin), and mass. Much of the current attention of physicists is devoted to an investigation of mass in the search for the Higg’s Boson, which has been popularly dubbed the “God Particle.”

According to Wikipedia, the origin of this title lies with a book written in 1993 by Leon M. Lederman, who originally wanted to call it “the goddamn particle” (the italics are mine). But this lofty headline grabbing moniker is a misnomer; the Higg’s Boson is certainly not anymore a fundamental particle than, say, an electron.  It explains the phenomenon of mass in some particles and not others by a “coupling” mechanism, in essence a simplification through broad application, and a frequently used tool from the physics toolbox. The Higg’s Boson itself has mass, whose value is not experimentally known except for a lower limit of about 200,000 electrons worth. For comparison, the top quark, another Standard Model particle, has a mass equivalent of about 340,000 electrons.

But lets consider our rationale – even if this particle was somehow more fundamental in its relation to the natural component of mass, why would we call it the  “God Particle?” Mass may be an easy concept to gain a grasp on, but as a student of physics I do not have any particular affection for mass, at least not anymore than I have for charge or spin. And if we’re going for fundamentals here, what would physics call a particle that explained time? Us catholics hear a lot about glorious light, why isn’t the photon the God particle? The photon is the medium of the force that keeps our nuclei together with electrons in atoms, keeps atoms together in molecules, and prevents solid matter from passing through itself. Or what about the proposed graviton, the particle representation of gravity?


Ghost Island Does Events

1) Beef Stew/Potluck
2) Cookies
3) Games Night
4) Drinking
5) Speed Dating?

– – – –

Bring edibles/board games/people you might want to speed date. We’re making some cookies and a big pot of stew, sampling some home-brewed beer, and hanging out really hard.

* * *

Regarding Cutting:

Rug cutting is possible if you bring some speakers. Hair cutting is possible if you clean up. All other cutting ought to be done on your own time or not at all.

* * *

Speed Dating

Image Description: Speed Dating

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