Trips to the ER

A few months ago I had an eye infection and found that the only place I could receive medical attention on a Sunday was the urgent care center at the San Francisco main hospital.  The urgent care center was closed by the time I got there so I waited at the ER. After about 10 minutes somebody came in who had just been shot. At this point I decided my prospects for receiving medical attention were hopeless and I went back home. A few days later I discovered that the battery on my ’93  Volvo could not hold a charge and needed to be replaced. Within 15 minutes a AAA person arrived with a new battery. I came to realize that our society cares much more about the well being of its cars than it does about people’s health.

I was reminded of this incident due to my recent onslaught of Gastroenteritis (stomach flu), which I was in the ER for yesterday. Regardless of the long wait (I was not very high on the list for triage) and bills I have to look forward to I am very happy I went to the ER, as my condition is now unbelievably better. The IV of sodium water ended my severe dehydration, and the anti-nausea medication put an end to my vomiting (which included an usual array of black, green, and yellow hues). Still, I wonder why it is that I can much more readily afford and procure assistance for my car than for my own person.


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