A Take on the BCS Championship

With somewhere around 3 minutes left to go in the BCS Championship game between the Florida Gators and the Oklahoma Sooners, there was a big play in which Florida, already winning by 10 points, got a first down. There was a penalty after the play, Unsportsmanlike Conduct against their quarterback. But, none heard the referee’s call, as no one is allowed to say anything bad about Tim Tebow because he saves babies from burning orphanages in Uganda.


2 Responses to “A Take on the BCS Championship”

  1. 1 butttub
    January 9, 2009 at 5:08 am

    On Ghost Island, there is a Tim Tebow Memorial Hospital, dedicated to his future death while trying to catch qassam rockets in mid-air, defuse them, and recycle the contents into dove statues for the Israel-Palestine Peace Garden.

    Also, Florida lost at home to Mississippi. Guess who didn’t lose ever? Utah.

    Oh wait, the BCS is a total sham and Utah is the real champion.

    Also also, Urban Meyer of all people should know this and speak out about it because he was coach of Utah in 2005 when they also went undefeated and were denied an opportunity to compete for a title because of the BCS preference for power conference teams like, um, Florida.

  2. 2 butttub
    January 9, 2009 at 5:56 am

    tim tebow’s sweat cures most fungus related itches
    Tim Tebow’s gaze restores potency to men
    or tim tebow can replicate any musical instrument with any other musical instrument
    Tim Tebow built Joanna Newsome’s harp
    Tim Tebow was at the ’63 ’64 and ’65 Newport Folk Festival, the Monterey Pop Festival in ’67, Woodstock, Isle of Wight, and saw the Allman Brothers at Filmore East
    During the offseason, Tim Tebow translates the speeches of Vaclav Havel into Basque and Romansche
    Tim Tebow is the guy who discovered the expansion rate of the universe is accelerating
    and he discovered Dark Matter
    Tim Tebow replanted the entire deforested section of the Amazon rainforest
    Tim Tebow gets 87 mile per gallon
    Tib Tebow was the first man on the moon, but he let Neal Armstrong take credit because Armstrong would never do anything else great
    Tim Tebow’s favorite book is ‘Tender Buttons’ by Gertrude Stein
    John Heisman won the Tim Tebow Trophy
    Tim Tebow inspired the movie ‘Cool Hand Luke’
    Tim Tebow won the Fields Medal
    Tim Tebow won the Nobel Prize for Quarterbacking
    For quarterbacking peace
    Tim Tebow convinced Henry kissinger to vote for Obama
    Tim Tebow was the head writer for Seinfeld and The Sopranos
    he also wrote A Space Odyssey: 2001
    Tim Tebow invented Tivo
    Tim Tebow discovered the earth revolves around the sun
    Tim Tebow inspired John Malkovich to act
    Tim Tebow taught ‘Infinite Jest’ to a classroom of disciplinary-challenged middleschoolers and they all went on to write for Harpers
    Tim Tebow has Charlie Kaufman on speed dial
    Tim Tebow is Peter Buck
    The value of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Constant is Tim Tebow
    Tim Tebow can speak 112 different languages, although he claims to only read 87 of them fluently
    Tim Tebow directed the original three Star Wars movie
    and was the inspiration for Han Solo
    and Indiana Jones
    and Chewbaca
    Tim Tebow was Time Magazine’s Man of the Year every year since 1948
    Tim Tebow wrote the Magna Carta
    Tim Tebow killed Judas
    Tim Tebow turned lead into gold

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