Special Envoy

Above the western sea cliff, where the love-struck youths leap to their bloody pieces, there sits the oldest resident of Ghost Island.

He never stops the jumps. He sits and sings songs about children and exotic fruits. When he speaks, it is to repeat a phrase about love. He is covered in folds and dryness and speaks a language (from which all future quotes are translated) from before current the generation of settlers discovered this spit of volcanic rock.

“I love her” he says. “I do. I telephone her again and again and again and again. I love her. I telephone her again and again….”

Some people think he is an animatronic robot. They point to the rust on his elbows and the sprouting of plants from his knees.

We’ve just nominated him as the Special Envoy to Gaza and the Occupied Territories and expect him to record the human rights violations there. Or at least to write a few lines of poetry.

Tomorrow we pack him with bubble wrap in a wooden crate and ship him via cargo plane to Palestine. He expects to be air dropped along with a delivery of medical supplies. That is, of course, if he isn’t intercepted by the Israelis.

When asked about the possibility of abduction, the oldest resident of Ghost Island said, “I love her. I telephoned her…”


1 Response to “Special Envoy”

  1. 1 blueandalusia
    January 4, 2009 at 5:00 am

    The medium, as they say, is the message.

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